TAMANPTHcoverhighres Why do we create needless pain in our lives? Is it possible that we’re biochemically ADDICTED to that pain? 

The Answer Model is a powerful new model of human behavior suggesting that nearly all of us develop literal biochemical addictions to our own pain and emotional distress – and that nearly all of our chronic emotional pain, and the majority of our chronic physical pain as well, is ultimately driven by these addictions.

Using over 35 unique interactive exercises, The Answer Model method and workshops allow people to:
– create a detailed map of all of their destructive addictions and addictive patterns;
– understand how and why these patterns interact and become reinforced;
– clearly see how profoundly these addictive patterns disconnect them from their core values, goals, and aspirations, and how their addictions generally create the vast majority of the pain in their lives.

The Answer Model method, which involves no medication, shows people how and why they’ve become biochemically addicted to painful emotions, substances, obsessive thoughts, destructive behaviors, and past traumas, and allows them to overcome any addiction or addictive pattern to find true fulfillment in their lives, and true connection in their relationships.

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The Answer Model therapeutic method has been extraordinarily effective in helping people overcome a wide variety of psychological and physical ills, including food addictioneating disorders, anxiety disorders, sex addiction, drug and alcohol addiction, body dysmorphic disorder, chronic pain, and chronic depression.

“The Answer Model is utterly compelling in that it combines hardcore scientific research with a treatment model that does not refute, but supersedes, all models in current practice… What John and Todd have uncovered is groundbreaking at all levels.”
Linda A. Davidson
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Philadelphia, PA

A Model for Treatment


Our counseling methods and 7-Day In-Home Program have been profoundly effective in treating a wide variety of psychological and physical issues.   Our  unique Interventionmethod can be geared to drug and alcohol addiction, to behavioral addictions such asfood addiction or compulsive gambling, or to emotional addictions, such as anxiety disorders. Our workshops, which will lead you through our exercises and system in a comfortable, friendly group environment, provide a lower-cost alternative to individual counseling.The Answer Model was co-developed by John Montgomery, a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from New York City, and Todd Ritchey, an addiction specialist from Vancouver, B. C. The Answer Model is licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide continuing education for Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (PCE #4505), and by NAADAC (#790) to provide continuing education nationally for Alcohol and Drug Abuse counselors and other addiction professionals.

Several services of The Answer Model, including interventions and counseling, are also now available through Reunion San Diego, an innovative residential addiction treatment facility in La Jolla, CA directed and founded by Dr. Tom Horvath. One of the leading pioneers of alternative, non-12-step addiction treatment models, Dr. Horvath is also the President of SMART Recovery, an international, non-profit network of free, self-empowering, science-based support groups.
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The Answer Model operates in the U.S. as The Answer Model LLC, and in Canada as The Answer Model (Canada) Inc.